Welcome to Tournament Bridge Services

Welcome to Tournament Bridge Services

Welcome to Tournament Bridge ServicesWelcome to Tournament Bridge ServicesWelcome to Tournament Bridge Services

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Our Mission

We are a group of bridge professionals dedicated to supporting bridge players' personal goals in every conceivable way - instruction, training, coaching, partnering, travel, management, tournament selection, and superior performance


Teaching is our passion.  Having worked with hundreds of bridge enthusiasts of every age and experience level, we have developed the tools to help players improve.  With our personalized instruction (both online and in-person) each individual has a curriculum tailored to their specific needs.  For group education, we travel to any destination to host bridge workshops on virtually any topic.  We also offer Bridge Boot Camps for small groups.

Training reinforces the lessons learned in preparation for the competitive arena, enhancing strengths and building the mental stamina required for long tournaments and events.

Specialty Coaches are available to work on specific areas of interest, using texts, software, and personalized sessions.

Mentors are available to every sponsor to answer questions as they arise.  All mentors have many years of tournament experience and can provide great insight into the psychology of the game.


About Us



Good chemistry is a crucial element for every team.  Staff members possess not only skill, but character as well.  Extremely competitive, yet friendly and gregarious, all of our personnel are supportive of every individual's efforts, regardless of the outcome.

Team members are matched based on their skill levels, accomplishments, behavior, knowledge and desire, creating a unit that functions well at every level of play.



 We go anywhere.  Over the last 20 years we have competed on 6 continents, logging millions of air miles and thousands of room nights.  Our travel services are all-encompassing, from rail to room to air to sea.  We make every effort to significantly reduce travel complexities and accommodate the financial desires of everyone's tournament experience.